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Want a New York Accent? Fuhgeddaboudit!


So, you've been learning English and it's been going well. You've eaten at Five Guys and you understand the hype. You've started calling things "amazing!" and you're sure you'd be a Carrie and not a Charlotte. But how do you get a New York accent? Can you ever really sound like you're a native?

What exactly do New Yorkers sound like? Is there actually a New York accent? Fugeddaboudit!

New Yorker Emily Frances asked herself these very questions and put together a short film to explain it to the rest of us. Check it out here:

How did you do? Did you understand? Were you able to hear the differences?


Wait. Why do I keep writing that? And what does it mean? See if you can sound it out. Say it very slowly.... Forget about it!

If you had a thick a Brooklyn accent, this is how you would say "forget about it!" This catch phrase is a common saying that can mean anything from "don't worry about it" to "of course!" It's so iconic that it has even made an appearance on the road sign as you exit Brooklyn.

How can you imitate this sound? First, let's break it down:

Fuh - Like "feuh"
Ged - Use a hard "g" like in "gâteau" and pronounce "ed" like in "edite"
Da - Like "de"
Boud - Say "waouh" and then change the "w" to a "b", making a "baouh"
Dit - In American English, we will often change our "t" sounds to "d" sounds. Do that here, so that you end up with a sound like "did" in "Didion"

Now say it as quickly and relaxedly as possible. Perfect! You sound just like DeNiro.

Good job!

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