Rencontre avec Wai, formatrice en anglais

Wai est originaire de Grande-Bretagne. Elle a étudié les sciences de l'ingénieur à Manchester, puis la finance à la London School of Business à Londres.

Aujourd'hui, elle enseigne l'anglais auprès des professionnels pour les clients de Monceau Langues Azur à Nice. Elle est également en charge de la création de programmes intensifs et de supports pédagogiques.

What is your academic background (nationality, sudies, etc) ?

I'm British.

I studied mechanical engineering in Manchester, and Corporate Finance at the London School of Business.

Why did you chose to become a teacher?

Teaching is a way of interacting with people, acquiring great job satisfaction and growing as a person.

Are you specialised in a particular field?

In project management, business and finance.

What do you like in teaching/coaching?

Watching my students overcome their difficulties in English and become more confident. Sharing different business cultural experiences. Helping them succeed.

What is the most important for you when it comes to teach adults& professionals ?

Make it relevant.

The funniest experience as a teacher ?

Other peoples' life experiences make you realise you're not so strange after all!

And the most difficult ?

Students who say they don't have an imagination. There's no getting away with that when they're with me!

What might your students be surprised to know about you?

You'll have to ask them 🙂

3 tips you would give to improve in English ? Your motto as a teacher?

Don't be afraid to speak and make mistakes.

Speak with hand gestures, improves fluency and distracts you from being nervous.

If in doubt, speak French with an English accent. After all French and English share 70% of the words!

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